We want to see you dance!

This January, Jo and Kevin would like to test a trial run of giving online feedback to iLindy members.

Post a training video in the iLindy Facebook group in the month of January and Kevin and Jo will give simple feedback/comments to iLindy students!

Don’t be shy! This is a great opportunity to get constructive feedback, no matter where in the world you’re located. Film yourself practicing and post it in the group in January. We can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

In addition to getting feedback from Jo and Kevin, the idea is to also get community feedback.

It’s a great experience not only to receive constructive feedback but also to learn to develop your own abilities to watch and discern areas for improvement.

For every video posted in the group, we would like to encourage everyone as a community to share:

  • One thing you think the dancers in the video are doing well
  • One thing you think they could improve on

This will be a great learning experience for everyone!

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Make sure you’ve joined the iLindy Facebook GroupIf you haven’t already, join the iLindy Community Group on Facebook now.

**If you’ve tried to join the group but have not yet been accepted, it’s because:

*You didn’t answer the group questions, or
*You haven’t created an iLindy membership

But that’s OK. We’d still love you to join us! There are only two pre-requisites:

*Become a member of iLindy.com – a free membership is totally valid!
*Agree to the group rules

After you’ve created your membership, ask to join again, or if you need help, reply to this message or use our contact form and we can sort it out with you. 

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