Lindy Hop Philosophy
What’s your learning philosophy?
If you’re a dance teacher, what’s your philosophy as a teacher? And do you have an overriding Lindy Hop philosophy that guides you through the dance?
Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg share a strong philosophy in their learning and teaching, which carries throughout their Lindy Hop. They believe that the old saying “practice makes perfect” can be improved upon by applying a small variation, “perfect practice makes perfect.” If you practice something wrong 1,000 times, you’ll be really good at doing it incorrectly. So take the time you need to practice the material correctly.

The number one thing that all top level dancers share is training.

That’s why they created iLindy, an online library with over 900 professional dance lessons. These lessons will allow you to learn and progress at the speed of your success. However, the lessons aren’t a replacement for practice. This website is a reference tool of information that can speed up the learning process by providing proven dance techniques and Lindy Hop moves in an efficient format.

In addition to iLindy we recommend that all students incorporate one or more of these tools into their learning process:

  • Regular Social Dancing
  • Regular training with a practice partner(s)
  • Local Group Classes
  • Weekend Workshops
  • Dance Camps
  • Private Lessons
  • Teaching
  • Choreographing a routine and performing it
  • Invent your own Lindy Hop moves
  • Join/start a dance troupe
  • Learn other dance forms (such as Balboa, Tap, West African Dancing, Hip-Hop, Tango…etc)
  • Use other Instructional Videos

Experiment and find what works best for you. We also highly encourage you to explore other instructors that we admire here.

What’s your learning style? What about your dance philosophy? We think you’ll find that iLindy offers something for everyone. If you have any questions or comments, leave us a message! We’d love to hear from you.

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