Social Justice Thursdays: Move Together

iLindy has made another donation to MOVE Together.

Here is the individual anti-racism pledge:

🗨”I pledge to do the daily work to be anti-racist; to continue to learn and grow; to listen to the voices of & follow the leadership of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color in my community; and to make this part of my lifelong work and commitment.

I pledge to support those who are doing this important work in my community.

I pledge to hire and support more Black artists and people of color, and/or to attend events featuring Black artists and people of color, whenever possible.

I pledge to stand with those who are retaliated against for doing the work of being anti-racist.

I pledge to do my part to make the dance scene more safe, inclusive, diverse and welcoming for all, and to continue to work to eradicate racism, homophobia, sexism, and transphobia within myself, in society, and in the dance scene.

I pledge to continue to learn about the African-American cultural history of Lindy Hop, and other dances that emerged from the African diaspora.

I pledge to share this history, especially if I am a teacher, organizer, or promoter who benefits from or makes a living from this dance.

All are welcomed on the dance floor.

Every voice is valuable.

Diversity makes the dance scene great.

This global community is beautiful because of all the dancers who are part of it!”

👉You can donate on their fundraising page –⠀

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