Social JusticeThursdays: Black Lindy Hoppers Fund

This week iLindy has made a donation to the Black Lindy Hoppers Fund.

About BLHF

Bridging the gap of knowledge, access and development for Black Lindy Hoppers.


The Black Lindy Hoppers Fund is a new independent program initiated by the Frankie Manning Foundation, supported by the Houston Swing Dance Society. Championed by Black leadership of the Lindy Hop community, it’s mission is to provide assistance to established and developing dancers, musicians, researchers and community builders endeavoring to be of greater service to community members of African and African diasporic heritage. 

We recognize the noted long standing obstacles of financial, administrative and mentorship support to black dancers participation, development and the intergenerational transfer of the critical heritage of Lindy Hop and Jazz Dance. 

Through legacy building exchanges, mentorship facilitation and development, generative residencies, impact focused community building and stewardship we aim to galvanize the cultural core of Lindy Hop and recenter the gaze  and presence of the African and African diasporic community towards this phenomenal cultural artifact.

   Join us in taking action! Make a donation now –

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