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Level 5

by Aldo 10 lessons From: $30.00 / month

You are experienced and in need of a challenge. We know many people will jump straight to this level regardless of their experience. We understand that and just hope you will then build more awareness of your actual level and revisit the lower level material. When Jo and Kevin struggle with a difficult moves, they know the issue almost always lies in some fundamental technique they don’t have total control of. So go back to the basics and rebuild. Use this level as motivation and a reality check for your skills.

Level 4

by Aldo 22 lessons From: $30.00 / month

You are starting to get comfortable controlling your dancing. You can dance at a variety of tempos and want to expand your options. Referencing core technique videos will be important.

Level 3

by Aldo 29 lessons From: $30.00 / month

Now you are ready to start getting more specific on dance mechanics and how to be in control. You can already comfortably make all the classic shapes of Lindy Hop, but can’t get better unless you really break down the individual parts that make each movement. - Online Swing dance training - Lindy Hop Charleston challenges with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

Level 2

by Aldo 14 lessons From: $30.00 / month

This level expands on level 1 material by offering a little more detail, but emphasizes expanding you dance vocabulary. - Online Swing Dance training with Kevin & Jo

Level 1

by Aldo 14 lessons From: $30.00 / month

Appropriate for the absolute beginner and anyone ready to revise their basics. Be prepared to repeat these lessons as a way to solidify your foundation. - Online Swing dance training - Lindy Hop moves with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg


by Aldo 13 lessons From: $30.00 / month

At the root of Lindy Hop is classic moves. At the opposite end is unique moves that you create either deliberately or by improvisation. All Lindy Hoppers worth their salt know the classics and use them as a base for creating new ones. Ilindy’s library of moves incorporate both classics and more modern ideas. Get schooled and inspired!


by Aldo 8 lessons From: $30.00 / month

These short routines are original sequences from Kevin & Jo that use classic lindy moves as a base, but with a Kevin & Jo twist. We suggest you initially learn them verbatim, then once mastered use that knowledge to create your own.


by Aldo 6 lessons From: $30.00 / month

Incorporating both classic routines and new ones, this is a great resource for expanding your dancing. Competitors and performers will really benefit from knowing all these routines and they are a great foundation for any working dance troupe to use at paid gigs.


by Aldo 19 lessons From: $30.00 / month

These progressive lessons maintain a theme and build upon themselves providing a great fuller learning experience. Some are based on classic lindy moves while others are more modern and inventive. Kevin and Jo hope you will use them as a base to create your own spectacular moves. and concepts. Remember, if you get stuck, the core technique videos will most likely love your issues.