Boogie Back

Often used in conjunction with Boogie Forwards, Boogie Backs are simple, fun and fundamental. This is the most standard/basic version, but variations abound. And yes, it does start on count 8 of the phrase.

Break a Leg

Lindy Hop is one part serious and two parts fun. This move is supposed to look like you injured your leg and you have to get off the dance floor to get some ice. Be precise with the rhythm, but have fun with the styling.

Killer Boogie

This impressive footwork styling is a challenging mix of triple rhythm, constant weight shifts, and twisting. Not really designed for super-fast tempos, but mid-tempo music and below can really be fun.

Scissor Kicks

Fundamental to most dance forms and used throughout Lindy Hop, Scissor Kicks might be the best move to really "cut a rug" with ;-). Basically, it's a continuous kick-ball-change.