Partnered Body Position Training

There are many different ways to hold ones' body while dancing Lindy Hop. These training videos explore what we have identified as the 4 main Body Positions used when dancing Lindy Hop (Front, Center, Back, and Counter). It might feel awkward initially, but with practice and time, they will become fluid and begin to feel natural. When we social dance, we usually flow in and out of these body positions, but for the sake of the drill, stay disciplined and focus on one body position at a time.

Day 1

Warm up for the two weeks ahead!

Day 2

Charleston and one-foot spins.

Day 3

Two foot turns and triple step training.

Day 4

One foot turns, metronome training and Swivels.

Solo Warm Up

These warm-up exercises simultaneously prepare your body for a more rigor workout while teaching you fundamental muscle isolations that every dancer can benefit from. Don't worry about being perfect. These drills require repetition to master. Just follow along and do the best you can. The critical concept is repetition. We suggest beginning all your training sessions with at least one of these videos.

Day 5

Triple steps and two foot turns.

Forward Solo One Foot Turns

Turning is both fun and challenging. The best way to have fun on the dance floor is to increase your technical skills. Use these forward one-foot turning drills to build a base technique. When applied to partner dancing details change, but the core concepts are the same. Mastering personal body control is crucial to being a supportive and effective dance partner.

Backward Solo One Foot Turns

Turning well in one direction on one foot doesn't mean you can be successful on the other foot or in the opposite direction. You need to practice on both feet, in both directions. Don't worry if you have a stronger side - through regular training, you can be equally awesome in turning in both directions!