Trading 8s Part 2 Introduction

You've completed Part 1 and now you're ready for more! This builds on all of the concepts from earlier so make sure you're comfortable with that technique before you move on.

Yoyo Variations

An eight-count figure, starting in closed position, going into open, and then returning to closed. But who moves when? Let's find out!

Texas Tommy

Yeehaw! Throw that hand behind your back when you're ready and then unwind yourself at your ideal speed. Leaders, please note where the Follower is putting their hand....perhaps you'll learn a thing or two about what's comfortable for them!

Swing Outs

Swing outs are a ton of fun, and so are these variations. Followers, did you know that you could make all of this happen? Leaders, check out when you're listening for the key pieces of information to help make the magic happen.

Tuck Turns

More tuck turns! What else could we possibly show you? Check it out to up your game.

Yoyo Turns

Once you're comfortable with your yoyos, let's throw in some turns. Yup, this is for both the Leader and the Follower.

Phrase Enders

So you now have all these fun things to say, but do you know when to say them? Let's start curating the experience and make sure we are dancing to the music. Here are some of my favorite phrase enders that are not only great Trading Moves but also a clear sign I’m picking up what the band is throwing down.

Trading 8s Part 1 Introduction

Here is an explanation of how we are defining Trading Eights. This game is best suited for dancers that have a command of intermediate-level moves (and above).

Basic 6 Count Moves

Let's first get comfortable with the Trading 8s concept using recognizable 6-count figures like tuck turns, send-outs, and pull-ins.