Over-rotated Swing Outs (Level 3)

Author: kevinstlaurent

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These are super fun. Once you've mastered each variation you can mix and match them fluidly. In modern times Swing Outs are usually taught as a 360 degree rotation, but traditionally a Swing Out could be underrotated or over rotated depending on the tempo, space on the dance flloor or dynamics with your partner. If you plan to perform or compete, mastering these techniques can be super helpful.

Rhythm Circle Swing Out

Author: kevinstlaurent

A high energy lindy classic. We don't do this in every dance, but during the right song it feels and looks amazing. It combines circular and linear momentum and conjures up shapes and feelings of early southern California lindy hop.

Swing Out Challenge (Level 4)

Author: kevinstlaurent

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This is were we push the boundries of a traditional Swing Out. We use the basic shape of a Swing Out, but then vary the counts and the rythms to create new variations. We hope you will take these concepts and create your own.

The Swing Out

Author: kevinstlaurent

The Swing Out is the most important Lindy Hop move you will ever learn, and something even the most seasoned professionals continue to refine and experiment with. A good Swing Out feels delicious, dynamic and full of possibility. This is one of those lessons that even if you think you have got it mastered, watch it two or three more times before moving on.

Follower’s Swing Out Styling Challenge (Level 4)

Author: kevinstlaurent

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Jo breaks down some sweet variations for followers to use during Swing Outs. It's important to practice the movement solo initially before attempting with a partner. Once you have a willing Leader, ask them to lead short sequences of just Swing Outs so you can really burn into muscle memory each variation.

Swing Out from Closed Position

Author: kevinstlaurent

Swinging out from the closed or jockey position the most common way to start a dance or transition from the 6-count footwork to 8-count (More on this on the 6, 8 and charleston transition lesson).

Swing Out with a Double Outside Turn

Author: kevinstlaurent

It's easy to fumble through a double outside turn, but can you do it with precision? Follows must be on point with their turning skills. Leaders need to be clear, but not forceful. It's a challenging balance, but accessible with practice.

Swing Out with an Inside Turn

Author: kevinstlaurent

The inside turn is one of the easiest Swing Out variations. Once you learn to line up your shoulders with your partner on count 3 and 4, you will have the technique to do literally hundreds of Swing Out variations, including this one. 

Swing Out with an Outside Turn

Author: kevinstlaurent

What goes up, must go down, and what goes in must go out. This turn feels great and can become very flashy when well executed. It takes a little more attention to the connection of the leader's hand on the follower's back to make this move smooth and effortless.