Yo Yo Turns Challenge (Level 3)

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Get ready to lead and follow turns in 3 different rythms (half time, full time & syncopated) and on both sides of the body using the Yo-Yo shape. This assumes you are comfortable with the solo traveling turning drills found in core technique.

Budapest Turning Challenge (Level 4)

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Originally taught to the invitation group at Lindy Shock (a dance event in Budapest, Hungary), this seemingly simple exercise combines a ton of skills that are difficult to accurately execute. Both sides of the body should be drilled equally to make you a more wholistic dancer.

Pop Turns (Level 2)

iLindy.com - Online Swing dance classes - Lindy Hop 8 count moves with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

Pop turns are a dynamic basic move that can add some flavor to your dancing. These are 4 core pop turn figures every lindy hopper should know.

Charleston Tuck Turn

A solid fundamental Charleston move that must be mastered. The upper body and geography is basically the same as a standard tuck turn, but the footwork uses Charleston kicks.

Leader’s 5 Spin

The basic mechanics of this move are straight forward, but the styling and turning technique can constantly be varied and improved. Once you are solid with a single turn, try two, then three...etc.

Follower’s Spin Reverse

Tricky and satisfying, this difficult spin move requires serious one foot balance skills from the follow, familiarity with their partner and a willingness to go for it. Leaders need to be open and responsive. Team work makes the dream work.

Arm Hook Tuck Turn

It's a sneaky fun but in a good way. It doesn't always work because the follow might be doing some cool styling with their free arm, but when it does it adds a technical spiciness to the dance. This one is not about flashy, it's about playfulness and creativity.

Lindy Circle Statue for Followers

A spectacular move that provides contrast, momentum and an opportunity for musicality. Requiring follower initiation and a receptive leader, this figure is both visually interesting and really fun to dance. Both partners need to work together to really make it work.

Hip Catch Spins

Super fun connection with a flashy spin exit. Hip catch spins can be applied to lots of situations. This is a solid foundation of the technique. We encourage you to then expand into your own cool variations.

Solo Two Foot Turns

Everybody that wants to call themselves a dancer must know how to turn. Followers will especially benefit from these drills as classic Lindy Hop uses this turning technique throughout the dance. And Leaders, this skill is for you to learn as well! Every top-level Leader is skilled at two-foot turns, so don’t think anyone is off the hook for this training.