Boogie Forward

As a concept, it's a very straight forward jazz step, but making it look good requires attitude, hips, arms, hands and a sense of style. Play with styling variations by watching yourself in the mirror.

Tabby the Cat

Jump onto two feet, split that weight, and then work that booty using a 4-count rhythm. The footwork is not complicated, so you gotta sell it! Get sassy and silly with this one.

Day 3

Two foot turns and triple step training.

Box Step

Almost every dance uses some variation of this movement. It's clean, simple, classic and ripe for variations.

Boogie Drops

Using full-time and half-time rhythm, boogie drops can be subtle but sexy. Weight shift control is imperative.

Day 4

One foot turns, metronome training and Swivels.


Hips hips hips! Rotate those hips while sitting into your movement to really accentuate this step. Both feet will be on the ground so be sure to commit to your weight-changes to make this move look great!

Eagle Slide

Commit to your inner eagle and you will soar. It combines kick-ball-change and half-time rhythm.

Day 5

Triple steps and two foot turns.

Crawl Challenges - Online Swing dance classes - Authentic Solo Jazz classes with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

Crawls are simultaneously basic and really complex. So many elements of solo and partner dancing rely on these skills. So jump in and go for it. Depending on your previous movement training/practice these steps might seem easy and fun or difficult and frustrating.