Love like you've never been hurt, sing like no one is listening, and dance like a scarecrow. Using 4-Count and half-time rhythm, this silly move starts out conventionally and ends with some attitude. Your goal is to be as much like a scarecrow as possible.


Originally done by tap dancers, this soft-shoe version is just as fun and impressive. It uses full-time and half-time rhythm.

Boogie Drops

Using full-time and half-time rhythm, boogie drops can be subtle but sexy. Weight shift control is imperative.

Eagle Slide

Commit to your inner eagle and you will soar. It combines kick-ball-change and half-time rhythm.

Fall off the Log

Fall Off the Log uses full-time and half-time rhythms. It originates from tap dancing but is used as a soft shoe step for Lindy Hoppers.

Gaze Afar

It's exactly as its name describes and uses full-time, a triple step, and 4-count rhythm. It's a little bit silly, and a whole lot of fun.

Jump Charleston

A really cool variation of basic Charleston with many options for flare. It combines 4-count, half-time, and full-time rhythm. Some variations use the triple step rhythm.


The basic Lockstep uses full-time and 4-count rhythm. It's a classic phrase-ending move and great transition to use in choreographies. The exit has the advantage of being split-weight so either foot can be ready for the next move depending on what is needed.

Sailor Kicks

Using 4-count and/or half-time rhythm, these classic kicks are aerobic, fun, and impressive. Many variations exist, so use this version as a great starting point.

Savoy Kicks

This charleston basic variation uses full-time and 4-count rhythm. It starts with a rock step and then transitions to some fun hopping and toe-tapping variations.