Follower’s V-Slides (Lv. 2) - Online Swing dance training - Lindy Hop followers styling challenges with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

Follow slide variations. You will need a slippery floor and slippery shoes to make these slides impressive. In general, these slides are independent from your partner so they are great for being musical and flashy even when your leader is boring and not leading interesting variations.

Hip Trip Lock Up

This is a low aerial for partners only. It's not excessively dangerous, but many a folks have crashed and burned on this seemingly easy aerial. Depending on your weight differential, choose the role of 'base' or 'flyer' to effectively get this move to work. We then challenge you to use it sparingly and to hit the musical break when you do.

Budapest Turning Challenge (Level 4) - Online Swing dance classes - Lindy Hop moves with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

Originally taught to the invitation group at Lindy Shock (a dance event in Budapest, Hungary), this seemingly simple exercise combines a ton of skills that are difficult to accurately execute. Both sides of the body should be drilled equally to make you a more wholistic dancer.

Tornado Swing Outs

The traveling madness of tornado swing outs brings all the crazy fun of Lindy Hop to the social, competitive and performance floor. Definitely work on your visuals to make this move more spectacular. Nobody likes weak tornado swing outs, so give the name it's due justice and channel your inner TORNADO!

Charleston Double Kicks

As a solo drill it's double kicks, but really this technique is applied to any number of kicks beyond one.

Drive in Challenge (Level 3 – 5)

This is a great shape of a move that can easily interchange 3 major ryhthms we use in Lindy Hop (half time, full time & syncopated). Start by getting the shape with each ryhthm independently before you move on to intermixing the rhythms. Once mastered, you will have the ability to be more musical with your dancing becasue you will be able to instantaneously adjust your rhythm during a social dance to match the music more precisely and creatively.

Follower Circle-Circle Slide

Circle up, my friends, because it’s time to add some flash to a basic! Impress your friends and look slick on the dance floor by using momentum to our advantage and adding a circle slide to our circle. If you are comfortable with the solo movement, you’ll easily be able to slide your way to glory!