Basket Arms Challenge (Level 3 – 5) - Online Swing dance classes - Lindy Hop Challenges with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

A fun cross hands hold position that can use the 3 major ryhthms we use in Lindy Hop (half time, full time & syncopated). This Challenge will give you a lot of variations that you can create with your partner and the ability to be more musical with your dancing.

Follower’s Crank Spin

A serious challenge of one foot spins and partner connection. Follows need to have solid solo spin skills and leaders need to be flexible and responsive to the follows needs through out the move.

Hip Catch Spins

Super fun connection with a flashy spin exit. Hip catch spins can be applied to lots of situations. This is a solid foundation of the technique. We encourage you to then expand into your own cool variations.

Swivel Technique for Followers - Online Swing dance classes - Lindy Hop Technique Training with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

A traditional aspect of Lindy Hop styling used predominantly by followers, but valuable for leads to know as well. Never underestimate the power of swivels because many a Lindy Hopper have built reputations based on their swivel styling.

Side by Side Charleston Challenge (Level 3)

This is an important skill set to have as a Lindy Hopper because side by side Charleston is used so frequently. The exciting thing about this challenge is gaining the ability to actually lead and follow the difference between single and multiple kicks. Traditionally these moves were primarily visual or semi-choreographies, but now you can use physical connection to gain more control, be more precise and most importantly, be more musical.

Basket Arms Exit

A slick way to exit basket arms, but it must be set up correctly. The turn can be fast and tricky for the follow so leaders need to pay extra attention to weight shifts before asking the follow to turn quickly.

Sugar Foot

A longtime personal favorite of Kevin's, this leadable footwork variation can be found in Lindy Hop, Balboa, Carolina Shag, West Coast Swing and many more. It's one part flash, one part technical and has lots of potential for creative musicality.

Spinning Fundamentals (part 1) Traveling Turns - Online Swing dance classes - Lindy Hop Technique Training with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

If you can't turn, you can't dance. Leaders are especialy guilty of terrible turning technique. If you want to lead turns properly, you need to understand and know how to turn yourself. Followers are forced to survive turning moves because they are so prominent in the dance, but most follows lack proper technique and plateau quickly. If you learn this technique, you dancing can easily advance to the next level.

Side by Side Cross-overs Challenge (Level 3)

This Challenge expands on the simple concept of a cross over step, but goes into the details on how to actually lead and follow it with your partner. Take your time and understand the connection principles before you race ahead and just mimic the shape. The goal is control and connection with your partner that will make social dancing more exciting and your musicality more robust.

Shoot the Duck

The concept and name comes from Kevin's childhood roller skating days. It's a teamwork move that is fun when executed correctly and hilarious when it crashes and burns. It's all about the commitment.