Charleston Double Kicks

As a solo drill it's double kicks, but really this technique is applied to any number of kicks beyond one.

Yo Yo Turns Challenge (Level 3) - Online Swing dance training - Lindy Hop challenges with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

Get ready to lead and follow turns in 3 different rythms (half time, full time & syncopated) and on both sides of the body using the Yo-Yo shape. This assumes you are comfortable with the solo traveling turning drills found in core technique.

Reverse Swing Out Arm Hook Turn

Requiring precision, this technical move is fun for both the leader and the follower. It's less about flash and more about complex partner connection dynamics. This is the sort of move a fellow lindy geek will see and go, "Whoa, what just happened? Do it again!"

Drive in Challenge (Level 3 – 5)

This is a great shape of a move that can easily interchange 3 major ryhthms we use in Lindy Hop (half time, full time & syncopated). Start by getting the shape with each ryhthm independently before you move on to intermixing the rhythms. Once mastered, you will have the ability to be more musical with your dancing becasue you will be able to instantaneously adjust your rhythm during a social dance to match the music more precisely and creatively.

Leader’s Swing Out Spin

A challenging move of dexterity as the leader must give the follow direction while executing a one foot spin in a crouched position all in just 8 counts.

Lindy Circle Statue for Followers

A spectacular move that provides contrast, momentum and an opportunity for musicality. Requiring follower initiation and a receptive leader, this figure is both visually interesting and really fun to dance. Both partners need to work together to really make it work.

Basket Arms Challenge (Level 3 – 5) - Online Swing dance classes - Lindy Hop Challenges with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

A fun cross hands hold position that can use the 3 major ryhthms we use in Lindy Hop (half time, full time & syncopated). This Challenge will give you a lot of variations that you can create with your partner and the ability to be more musical with your dancing.