Leader’s Swing Out Styling Challenge (Level 3)

Author: Aldo

iLindy.com - Online Swing dance classes - Leaders Lindy Hop Styling with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

Here's a solid 3 variations to make leaders' Swing Outs look more stylish. The emphasize is on solo practice intitially so you learn how to control your body. Only after it feels successful solo should you then attempt these with a willing partner.

Leader’s Slides Challenge (Level 2 – 4)

Author: Aldo

iLindy.com - Lindy Hop leaders styling with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

Leader slide variations. You will need a slippery floor and slippery shoes to make these slides impressive. In general, these slides are independent from your partner so they are great for being musical and flashy even when your followerer is boring or not ready for fancy variations.