The Jockey

The Jockey is the basic 6 count rhythm in closed position with a partner. It's a great starting place for syncing up rhythmically with a partner and feeling how the dance feels while connected to someone. We often start our dances with a jockey to feel connected before getting crazy. 

Side by Side Charleston

The Charleston rhythm was part of the musical and dance evolution that brought us the Lindy Hop and is a very important part of the rhythmical and movement vocabulary of any swing dancer. In any given social dance you many variations of the Charleston rhythm mixed in with 6 and 8 count steps are used. The Side by Side Charleston is the best starting point when trying Charleston with a partner.

Tuck Turn, Pass By & Pull In

These three foundational moves will be a solid part of your swing dance vocabulary forever. Consider learning them as both a leader and follower to really understand every detail and get the most out of your 6 count swing.

Pendulum Kicks

The pendulum kicks are a simple and sweet variation on Side by Side Charleston.

Improvisation Techniques

Improvisation is the key to good social dancing. This lesson gives you some techniques to make improvised social dancing feel natural and helps you understand the subtle but clear differences in leading and following your basic vocabulary.

Kick Ups

Also known as "Kick the Dog" or "Skip Ups", Kick Ups end with a big flashy kick to the front. It's a great move to use to finish a musical phrase after doing some side by side Charleston and Pendulum kicks. 

Cuddle & Leader’s Sneak

Two more important and classic 6 count swing moves. The cuddle is a sweet position that is useful for many more advanced moves later on, and the leader's sneak has just a tiny bit of flash.

Tandem Charleston

Tandem Charleston can take a moment to get used to as it requires the follower to feel the lead without being able to see the leader.  Both roles should feel confident with their basic Charleston rhythm. Do it small at first until you find the flow with your partner.

6 Count Swing Music Demo

Watch, copy, then put on some music and practice until you have mastered the full 6 count vocabulary. You can even try to make up some of your own moves. Everything is legal as long as you stay in rhythm!

Tandem Push Out

The Tandem Push Out is an easy variation of the basic Tandem Charleston.