Slip Slops

This jazz step can be done half or full time. Regardless of the timing, it's easier to do with slippery shoes. When your shows are sticky, you will have to really work to get your foot to slide across the floor. Arms and hips are key elements to get your momentum going.

Spank the Baby

Feeling tired at a dance? Spanking the baby is a great way to wake yourself up. This is all about the attitude of committing to a movement. It's only silly if you think it's silly. If you sell it, the audience will buy it.

Suzie Q

Front toe down! The front foot needs to be flat on the floor. The weight is focused on the heel of the front foot so you have the freedom to twist it, but for the love of all things Lindy.....keep that front toe down!

Boogie Forward

As a concept, it's a very straight forward jazz step, but making it look good requires attitude, hips, arms, hands and a sense of style. Play with styling variations by watching yourself in the mirror.

Box Step

Almost every dance uses some variation of this movement. It's clean, simple, classic and ripe for variations.


Hips hips hips! Rotate those hips while sitting into your movement to really accentuate this step. Both feet will be on the ground so be sure to commit to your weight-changes to make this move look great!

Jig Walks

A super mellow move that looks and feels great. It is easy to build variations with and fun to do.

Apple Jacks

Even though it can look like the weight is split, it's critical that you do a full weight shift on every step and twist. Upper body position and hand stylings should be modified to match the music and/or your own style.

Crazy Legs

Walk and flap the legs and on every beat. Just don't get too crazy and hurt yourself. Bonus points for high knees and creative facial expressions.

Camel Walks

An opportunity to channel your inner camel. It says walks, but it's a whole lot more. Pay attention to the details to really get this move correct.