Basic 6 Count Moves

Let's first get comfortable with the Trading 8s concept using recognizable 6-count figures like tuck turns, send-outs, and pull-ins.

Leader’s Footwork

Once the Followers have reminded themselves that they know far more about the dance than they remembered, Leaders it's time to add your footwork. The most challenging part of this is that - because of training - Leaders sometimes take over the dance, which is not the purpose of the exercise at the moment. Leaders, minimize the travel whilst adding in your footwork and enjoy the story your Followers are creating for you two.

The Swing Out

What is Lindy Hop without the Swing Out? As we reverse-engineer this move, pay special attention to when and where we push and pull. After all, you don't want your partner thinking this is a circle!

Lindy Circle Moves

The Lindy Circle is one of the more recognizable moves, and this lesson will teach you how to power through your legs, hold on to your partner, and end a phrase. Have fun with these 3 circles.

Tuck Turn Moves

Here you'll find a series of moves involving a redirect, or a "tuck." Tuck one way and the dance the other. Followers, as always, you need to be clear on your footwork before you start moving.

Pass By Moves

Let's take one idea and try to play with it in as many ways possible. In this unit, we have 6 pass-bys that will help you change places no matter where you are.

Trading 8s Part 2 Introduction

You've completed Part 1 and now you're ready for more! This builds on all of the concepts from earlier so make sure you're comfortable with that technique before you move on.

Yoyo Variations

An eight-count figure, starting in closed position, going into open, and then returning to closed. But who moves when? Let's find out!

Texas Tommy

Yeehaw! Throw that hand behind your back when you're ready and then unwind yourself at your ideal speed. Leaders, please note where the Follower is putting their hand....perhaps you'll learn a thing or two about what's comfortable for them!