Kick-ups Fakie

It's starts like the classic Kick Ups, but then it's not. Leaders really must decide to do this move before it starts because the variation comes so soon. It can be flashy and unexpected in a good way.

Breakaway with Boogies

As the urban legend goes, two dancers lost connection while dancer, but quickly covered it up by feigning intentionality. Now it's a classic. There are no mistakes, just new moves.

1920’s Style Front to Front Charleston

This is the Classic 1920's move that is a must-know for any Great Gatsby party. Also, style up your Lindy Hop repertoire with this snazzy rhythm change. Anyone who wants to be called a "vintage dancer" should have a handle on 1920s Charleston.

Reverse Push Out

A cool variation to the standard Charleston push out from tandem. The reverse uses the other hand, maintains rotational flow and will surely impress even the most judgmental gaggle of geese.

Lindy Shock Lift

This move get's its name from the logo of the annual event in Budapest, Hungary called Lindy Shock. The move is definitely older, but we love the event and we love this simple, but flashy lift.

Charleston Tuck Turn

A solid fundamental Charleston move that must be mastered. The upper body and geography is basically the same as a standard tuck turn, but the footwork uses Charleston kicks.

Savoy Kicks

This charleston basic variation uses full-time and 4-count rhythm. It starts with a rock step and then transitions to some fun hopping and toe-tapping variations.

Tandem Rainbow

If you love rainbows, you'll love this move. If you hate rainbows, just rename it for yourself and no one has to know. It's arm flashy and fun, but does require some solid Charleston balance technique.