Tandem Turn

Author: kevinstlaurent

A solid staple of a move for tandem position. It's straight forward and classic, but every Lindy hopper should know it inside and out. 

Charleston Double Kicks

Author: Aldo

As a solo drill it's double kicks, but really this technique is applied to any number of kicks beyond one.

Sugar Push

Author: kevinstlaurent

Like the Swing Out, this is one of those fundamental moves that can easily be learned over and over again. The tension and compression dynamics can always be improved & refined. 

Leader’s 5 Spin

Author: kevinstlaurent

The basic mechanics of this move are straight forward, but the styling and turning technique can constantly be varied and improved. Once you are solid with a single turn, try two, then three...etc.

Leader’s Pass By Spin

Author: kevinstlaurent

Seemingly simply, but the internal dynamics are key to making this spin feel good. Follows need to make sure they don't pull the leader off balance. Ideally leaders will be centered and ready to spin for as long as the musical phrase suggests.

1920’s Partner Charleston Challenge (Level 1 – 4)

Author: Aldo

iLindy.com - Online Swing dance training - Lindy Hop Charleston challenges with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

This Challenge incorporates standard charleston figures and lead and follow partnered charelston figures. We suggest you move through this progressively so that the higher level figures make more sense. Many of these moves take inspiration from orignal 1920's Charelston and work well for Great Gatsby and Prohibition themed parties and performances.

Move of the Week: Sweeps (Scissor Kick variation)

Author: Tim Collins

Top dancers know how to sweep their competition off the floor. Learning this move will provide you with the literal and metaphorical ability to sweep the competition away. It's also versatile for independent styling and synchronized coordination.

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