Tandem Rainbow

If you love rainbows, you'll love this move. If you hate rainbows, just rename it for yourself and no one has to know. It's arm flashy and fun, but does require some solid Charleston balance technique.


Love like you've never been hurt, sing like no one is listening, and dance like a scarecrow. Using 4-Count and half-time rhythm, this silly move starts out conventionally and ends with some attitude. Your goal is to be as much like a scarecrow as possible.

Charleston Texas Tommy

In addition to being a snazzy turn, the Texas Tommy is a great relaxation and connection test. Both the follower's and leader's arms need to be relaxed before creating the turn, otherwise, it won't work comfortably. 

Tandem Turn

A solid staple of a move for tandem position. It's straight forward and classic, but every Lindy hopper should know it inside and out. 

Side by Side Charleston

The Charleston rhythm was part of the musical and dance evolution that brought us the Lindy Hop and is a very important part of the rhythmical and movement vocabulary of any swing dancer. In any given social dance you many variations of the Charleston rhythm mixed in with 6 and 8 count steps are used. The Side by Side Charleston is the best starting point when trying Charleston with a partner.

Leader’s Pass By Spin

Seemingly simply, but the internal dynamics are key to making this spin feel good. Follows need to make sure they don't pull the leader off balance. Ideally leaders will be centered and ready to spin for as long as the musical phrase suggests.

Pendulum Kicks

The pendulum kicks are a simple and sweet variation on Side by Side Charleston.

1920’s Charleston Hacksaw Kicks

Hacksaw kicks are a fancy bridge between the basics and more intermediate 1920's Charleston moves. With these, you will be officially Cuttin' a Rug!

Chase into Tandem

A staple Lindy move that every Lindy hopper should know. Lots of cool variations build off this classic so get proficient with this "basic" move.