Big Apple (Level 4) - Online Swing dance classes - Big Apple Routine with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

This is specifically a version of the Big Apple routine as choreographed by Frankie Manning for Whitey's Lindy Hoppers. It can be seen in the film Keep Punching. The music used here was transcribed by Solomon Douglas from the film clip and recorded by the Solomon Douglas Swingtet. This routine can be used as is for performance gigs and/or played as a line dance during a social dance. It has a solo and partnered sections. This might be Jo's all time favorite routine. She has been spotted running enthusiastically from conversations, waiting for a drink at the bar, from the middle of dinner and even from the car as it pulls up to the social dance when she hears this song.

Boogie Back

Often used in conjunction with Boogie Forwards, Boogie Backs are simple, fun and fundamental. This is the most standard/basic version, but variations abound. And yes, it does start on count 8 of the phrase.

Sailor Kicks

Using 4-count and/or half-time rhythm, these classic kicks are aerobic, fun, and impressive. Many variations exist, so use this version as a great starting point.

Apple Jacks

Even though it can look like the weight is split, it's critical that you do a full weight shift on every step and twist. Upper body position and hand stylings should be modified to match the music and/or your own style.


A stylish jazz step adapted for Lindy Hop. It's relaxed and full of attitude. So pigeon-toe your feet, smile, and start Truckin'.

Savoy Kicks

This charleston basic variation uses full-time and 4-count rhythm. It starts with a rock step and then transitions to some fun hopping and toe-tapping variations.

Crazy Legs

Walk and flap the legs and on every beat. Just don't get too crazy and hurt yourself. Bonus points for high knees and creative facial expressions.

Break a Leg

Lindy Hop is one part serious and two parts fun. This move is supposed to look like you injured your leg and you have to get off the dance floor to get some ice. Be precise with the rhythm, but have fun with the styling.


Love like you've never been hurt, sing like no one is listening, and dance like a scarecrow. Using 4-Count and half-time rhythm, this silly move starts out conventionally and ends with some attitude. Your goal is to be as much like a scarecrow as possible.

Camel Walks

An opportunity to channel your inner camel. It says walks, but it's a whole lot more. Pay attention to the details to really get this move correct.