Swing Out with a Double Outside Turn

It's easy to fumble through a double outside turn, but can you do it with precision? Follows must be on point with their turning skills. Leaders need to be clear, but not forceful. It's a challenging balance, but accessible with practice.

The Chase

It's a classic move. There's an event named after it. It's an often quoted Lindy move in many a routine. It has a ton of variations. Learn it once and then spend the rest of your Lindy life chasing it's seemingly endless variations.

Bomb Turn

The move speaks for itself when done properly. It really requires the follower to bring it. Jo makes it look good because she knows how to do a powerful jumping barrel roll. The leader's job is important, but not really the difference maker.

Texas Tommy Lunge

The Texas Tommy lunge is simultaneously spectacular and dangerous. Start slowly and learn the shapes and technique before fully committing to this move. When energy is applied intensively at the proper moments, the power of lindy hop can shine through, but it's a fine line to disaster so proceed gently at first.

Summary of Intro to Swing

Congratulations! You have a 6 count, 8 count, and Charleston vocabulary and are ready to get out and dance. Go find a local swing dance and have fun! If the art of Swing dance inspires you, there is so much more to learn on www.ilindy.com!

Partnered Fall off the logs

Taking inspiration from the solo jazz move 'fall of the log,' this partnered version has some key differences to make it lead and follow. Naturally partners can just do the solo version while holding hands, but we encourage you to take this opportunity to expand what you think is possible with partner dancing. It's technical and fun and can be flashy with the right attitude.

Johnnie’s Rock

Who's Johnnie? We can't answer that, but we can teach you how he rocked. We learned this early on in our lindy lives and have enjoyed it ever since. I'm sure someone knows the history of it, and perhaps we should, but we don't. So please send us an email and educate us. We're so busy dancing we don't always read up on our history (hanging heads in shame).

Lindy Shock Lift

This move get's its name from the logo of the annual event in Budapest, Hungary called Lindy Shock. The move is definitely older, but we love the event and we love this simple, but flashy lift.

The Swing Out

What is Lindy Hop without the Swing Out? As we reverse-engineer this move, pay special attention to when and where we push and pull. After all, you don't want your partner thinking this is a circle!