1920s Charleston

At its root, 1920's style solo Charleston is just touch stepping, but when you add a bounce and foot twists it looks and feels completely different. Take it step by step. Step 1: Touch Steps. Step 2: Touch Steps and Bouncing. Step 3: Touch Steps, Bouncing, and foot twists.

Hitch Hike

It's important to know the difference between a touch and a step. Hitch Hikes use both, plus the twists of 1920's style Charleston. Once you are comfortable with your lower body, start playing with the arm styling.

Shoe Shine

Jump onto one foot, extend the other and shine your shoe in 4-count rhythm. Some like to really touch their shoes, while others prefer to pretend to shine their shoes. Either way, it's a shoeshine.


Kevin sees this as an attempt of dancers to mimic the look of ice skaters or roller skaters. It's straight forward and really fun to do at higher tempos.

Tabby the Cat

Jump onto two feet, split that weight, and then work that booty using a 4-count rhythm. The footwork is not complicated, so you gotta sell it! Get sassy and silly with this one.