Partnered Jump Charleston

Taking inspiration from the solo jazz move 'Jump Charleston,' this partnered version has some key differences to make it lead and followable. Naturally partners can just do the solo version while holding hands, but we encourage you to take this opportunity to expand what you think is possible with partner dancing. It's technical and fun and flashy.

1920’s Style Front to Front Charleston

This is the Classic 1920's move that is a must-know for any Great Gatsby party. Also, style up your Lindy Hop repertoire with this snazzy rhythm change. Anyone who wants to be called a "vintage dancer" should have a handle on 1920s Charleston.

Charleston Texas Tommy

In addition to being a snazzy turn, the Texas Tommy is a great relaxation and connection test. Both the follower's and leader's arms need to be relaxed before creating the turn, otherwise, it won't work comfortably. 

1920’s Charleston Hacksaw Kicks

Hacksaw kicks are a fancy bridge between the basics and more intermediate 1920's Charleston moves. With these, you will be officially Cuttin' a Rug!