Jo & Pamela workshop – March 6

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Join the charming and effervescent Pamela & Jo for their debut event!
On Saturday March 6th, these two powerhouses will bring you a creative experience that expertly balances structure and freedom whilst guiding you through foundational to advance material. Class will begin with a full-body warm-up, do a deep-dive on bounce and groove, and then move into style and rhythm.

As dancers, Pamela and Jo cherish individuality and freedom. As teachers, they strive to balance simplicity with complexity. More than anything, they want their students to understand how to train efficiently while finding themselves through dancing.

Clearly, both of these fancy-pants dancers believe in the importance of training, but they think that it must be balanced with party! Later in the evening, Pamela and Jo will come back together for a party/talk show/cocktail hour!

Part party vibe, part living-room hang, these two classy gals invite you to hang and dance with them.

Get all the details and register here.

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