Jo & Kevin’s Trading 8s in Lindy Hop

Photo by Alexandre Laoubi, LIGHT EXMACHINA Photographie

How can you continue to improve as a dancer? What does dance training look like after you’ve been dancing 20+ years?

At iLindy, we’re continuously training to improve ourselves, both as individuals and as a team. We believe in always learning and evolving as dancers, and that excellence takes a lot of hard work and discipline.

We’re very focused on teamwork. We’ve recently posted two blog posts where we talk about this in a lot of detail:

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In our training, we’re continuously challenging the way that we dance and communicate. The idea of TRADING 8s was born out of that training.

A New Way to Train

TRADING 8s is a Lindy Hop experience that shakes up the “traditional dynamics” of Leading and Following. In this paradigm, the Follower leads and the Leader follows.

But this is different from SWITCH dancing.

With Trading Eights, both roles maintain their original footwork (Followers starting on their right foot, Leaders starting with their left) and try to recreate the “traditional look” of Lindy Hop whilst comfortably stepping into the other role’s shoes. 

So what is the purpose of Trading 8s?

Glad you asked. The main idea of dancing this way is to have both roles take turns leading and following throughout the dance.

Trading 8s can be used as both an exercise and also a way of actually dancing on the social floor.

We recommend discussing how often you’ll trade before the dance starts; you do this after you’ve asked someone to dance and confirmed they’d like to Trade 8s. Of course, once you get more comfortable dancing with this person, you might find that you can flow seamlessly between both sets of responsibilities (but give it some time).

Are you ready to shake up your dancing? Then try Trading 8s! Click here to learn more about our new Trading 8s course.

When you have a chance to try Trading 8s, we’d like to hear about your experience with it! How does it feel as a Follower to guide the partnership? Leaders, what does it feel like to follow your partner? Let us know!

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