Video FAQ

You will find a series of questions that Kevin & Jo frequently receive in their International workshops, with video responses – iLindy style.

Text FAQ

Answers to common questions about how to use this website and the ilindy Philosophy.

Yes. With your monthly or annual membership, you have complete access to the ilindy library.

Yes you can! Follow these simple steps:

1) Head to the “My Account Section

2) Click on “Subscriptions

3) Click “View

4)Hit the “Suspend” button!

Done! You will not be charged until you decide to reactivate your account.  (If for some reason you  feel you have been charged erroneously, shoot us an email and we will resolve it right away).

5) Ready to reactivate?

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Start with whatever piques your interest. There is enough material in different categories that you should never be short of inspiration on the site.
We highly recomend taking the time to work through Core Technique no matter what level you consider yourself.

Welcome to the world of swing!

Start with a few of the first Core Technique exercises.

Then give the Vocabulary – Level 1 course a shot.

Go for some level 1 Challenges as well.

Definitely learn the Shim Sham, and some of the basic Solo Jazz moves.

Our level system is relative, from 1 to 5… 1 being beginner, and 5 being advanced+. On that scale just rate yourself and give it a try.

Once you have registered and paid (for any course) you will have access to all of the iLindy mateial. On the course description page, simply click the red “Take this Course” button. This will allow you to register your progress.

When you feel you have accomplished a LESSON click the button undernearth the playlist section that says “Complete Lesson.” You can view your progress of each course you are taking in the “My Courses” section.

Of course! As long as your membership is active, you will always have access to the complete iLindy library.

Swing dance is a social dance, and ultimately it must be danced with a partner, and preferably at an actual swing dance. Once you have completed a few lessons from iLindy.com we highly recomend you take your new love of Swing into the real world and get to know the dance community where you live. What iLindy.com does offer is a strong foundation of the dance form from two of the world’s greatest Lindy Hoppers so you can start (or continue) your path to swing dancing glory in the best way possible.

Absolutely. Kevin & Jo don’t feel like they own the material they teach and iLindy is supposed to be a resource for all dancers including, social dancers, teachers and competitors. Spread the love!

However, we do encourage you to put your own twist on the content so it represents your style and personality. Learn it, own it, share it!