Vintage DVDs – Digital Release!

iLindy is excited to release Kevin and Jo’s “retro” DVDs! These 8 DVDs were originally filmed in 2011 and they’re filled with terrific content that is just as useful and today as it was 10 years ago.

The DVDs now available for digital download so we thought we’d have a chat with Jo and Kevin to learn more about them.


“When we first made the DVDs, we didn’t think very much about longevity. I was just excited to put on film a ton of new concepts and material that Jo and I had been developing over the previous 5 years.

“We filmed them in December 2011. At this point I had personally already filmed over 10 instructional DVDs. I was very familiar with the process and my biggest motivation to film was to improve my dancing. This has always been my prime motivation for teaching in general. The best part is that it creates a win/win scenario for our students. I’m always more engaged and motivated to teach when I’m improving my own technique which spills over to the students’ experience of learning. The cherry on top is that I can finance my “dance habit” through teaching and performing. I would still lindy hop even if I couldn’t make it my full time job.”


“The DVDs were also a great way for Kevin and I to launch our dance partnership on a more official level.”


“I’m not really surprised that the videos are still relevant today. I’m always trying to distill the underlying technique of Lindy Hop so people can use a solid functional foundation to build their own style and expression on top of good foundations. This 8 DVD series was the first time I really got to do a deep dive on technique. Previous DVDs had touched on it, but I had never taken the time or investment to be as detailed as Jo and I were on this set of videos.”


“What’s the same now as it was then is that we want people to understand the technical foundation in order to build their own personal style. Strong technical foundation is the priority, not looking like us. I’d also say that as teachers, we know our stuff so much more now than we did then. Now we have so much more years of practice and our understanding has deepened so much. That’s why these earlier DVDs fit in so nicely with the material on iLindy. You can see all of the different angles that we’ve used to approach the same foundations and principles.”


“Looking back at our teaching, I’d say that nothing has fundamentally changed. We just keep expanding on the ideas and concepts. iLindy has offered a new teaching medium for us to be even more in depth. These DVDs add another dimension to all of the lessons we offer on iLindy and should really complement one another.”


“While the fundamental principles haven’t changed, we do have new material that we teach now. We’ve both grown and learned a lot over time, so we bring that to our teaching as part of our own evolution as dancers. What’s nice is that we both also work with other partners too. That helps inspire us and shake things up, so that we’re training hard and working all the time.

“Making a DVD back in 2011 was a different experience than it is now. Now we have a great team that we work with regularly on iLindy. That means that the team can make detailed notes as we go along. The biggest thing that I don’t miss about the DVDs is that we had to watch through every moment to make sure everything was labeled properly. It’s so exhausting to watch yourself on video explaining to beginners how to dance, and making sure the right “Texas Tommy” label appears in the corner with the right move. Unlike with online digital content on iLindy, with DVDs, once it was in print, it couldn’t be fixed. That part was not fun and made us so grateful for the high quality editors we work with now in Mexico who are also dancers! They totally get it.”


“On the other hand, the filming process is essentially the same now as it was then. We stand in a quiet room with a camera operator, sound person and few assistants. We proceed to instruct, and attempt to make jokes while everyone in the room has to be quiet and not respond. It can be soul crushing and takes time to adjust to when we are conditioned to instructing and entertaining large groups of students that we interact with.

“However, the iLindy format is open ended. We have already done 3 big filming blocks of 12 days, 4 days and 5 days. That’s 21 eight to ten hour days of filming. It’s a lot of material. We continue to grow iLindy and try to make it as complete as we can. We aren’t holding anything back. We just want to share all our knowledge of the dance that we’ve spent most of our lives exploring.”


“When I look back at how I used to dance, I’m really grateful for the improvement I’ve made over the last 2 years. Early on I made a lot of progress but then I hit a plateau for a really long time. Since really digging into solo jazz, dancing on my own, and more serious solo training, I’ve seen a huge increase in my ability to move, and also my strength. Looking back, my rhythm was really garbage for a long time. I wish I’d started working by myself and training solo a lot sooner.”


“Thinking about then vs. now, there’s one thing I miss about my previous dancing: my youth. There is so much more I would explore with this dance if my bones, muscles and body could heal as fast as they used to. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lifetime dance, but the way it looks and what I’ll be able to do at 72 years old is different than what I was doing at 27. I find it hilarious when 19 year dancers do a literal mimicking of 80 year old dancers. I appreciate their attention to details and recreation, but it’s absurd really. Watching Norma Miller dance at 90 years old is different than when she was 16.

“We released our 7 part DVD series in 2012. It encompasses all the foundational material that iLindy is based on. Some of the terminology might be slightly different, but the ideas and content is the same. At the end of the day, we don’t care what words someone uses to describe the dance because words can’t fully explain the dance. Like any dance, Lindy Hop has to be experienced. That is why I don’t enjoy writing or talking about dancing very much. It has its usefulness, but at the end of day…”Shut Up and Dance”.”

Jo & Kevin:

We hope people will use our material as a shortcut to expand the dance even further. We don’t pretend to know everything, but we’ve got some valuable things to contribute to the dance. Learn it, build on it, and then come back and teach me the new stuff you figured out. Let’s keep Lindy Hop alive and thriving!


Now on sale for $30 per DVD or $200 for all 8!

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