Dancers that inspire us

We couldn’t do this alone.

We want to give a nod to some of the dancers that have inspired us over the years. Please get to know them.

Dax Hock & Sarah Breck, Rhythm Juice

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dax Sarah Lindy Hop


Dax and Sarah rank amongst the top 10 Lindy Hop couples in the world. As teachers, they tour regularly teaching international workshops, are founders of Los Angeles’s most distinguished swing dance school, The Lindy Loft, and run, the most effective online platform to improve your swing dancing. As competitors they have claimed numerous titles from the most prestigious swing dance competitions like ILHC, ESDC, ULHS and US OPEN. As team players, they are founding members of two of the most renowned dance teams in the world, The Ninjammerz and The Gypsies. As performers they have starred as the lead roles in the feature film Ctrl+Alt+Dance, performed Lindy Hop on Dancing with the Stars, multiple music videos, several tv shows and have videos that have gone viral experienced over 1 million hits in under a week.


New York, NY, USA
Michael and Evita Lindy Hop


Michael and Evita are International Lindy Hop dancers and teachers based in New York City. They bring an exuberant energy and joy to every project. Their combined resumes span the globe, together having performed on prestigious stages and dancing with Philharmonic Orchestras, touring with Broadway shows, working with Jazz at Lincoln Center plus appearances on, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Michael and Evita have worked together for over 10 years and have been dancing Lindy Hop for 17 years.
Michael and Evita developed a home teaching regular classes at Dance Manhattan, New York City’s most recognized school for social dance (2005 – 2014). Currently, the two teach pop up workshops all over the world and produce performance material for Syncopated City Dance Company. (
As dance teachers, Michael and Evita emphasize the understanding of anatomy and efficient use of the body. Connecting movements through elegant flow, clearly projecting direction within the body, and romantic personal interactions are what create their lead and follow technique. Above all other descriptions, one will surely say that Michael and Evita are inspiring to watch and possess a warm welcome to any student of Lindy Hop. You can enjoy more of their instruction by subscribing to their mailing list on their website.

Ksenia Parkhatskaya

Berlin, Germany
Ksenia Lindy Hop


Graceful, eccentric, and full of character, Ksenia is one of the most interesting and versatile artists in the jazz and swing world today.

Whether she is twisting crazy “cow tail” in Charleston, dancing to be-bop, swinging out in Lindy Hop or singing with orchestras, she imbues everything she does with unique style and artistry.

She exploded onto the swing scene at Harlem 2011(Vilnius), in the solo jazz dance battle, and claiming many crowns since, but she has been in training as a professional ballroom dancer since 1996, as an actor, modern jazz dancer since 2005. She has a true mastery over different genres, underpinned by a singer’s understanding of musicality and an historian’s appreciation of authenticity. A true artist, she isn’t afraid to embrace controversial material, and she has been invited to perform her inimitable choreography at the most respected tap, swing and jazz events in Europe.

Kelly & Mickey

Mickey Kelly Balboa


Mickey Fortanasce and Kelly Arsenault have been teaching, dancing and competing together since 2005. In the past decade their innovation and showmanship coupled with their love of both dance history and theory have led them to become internationally recognized Balboa teachers and competitors.
While competing together Mickey and Kelly have achieved victories at numerous competitions including Balboa Rendezvous’ International Balboa Championship (2006, 2007 and 2010) as well as All Balboa Weekend’s American Classic Balboa Championship (2008) and routine division (2011). Other winnings include first place in the Balboa divisions at both the International Lindy Hop Championships (2010) and the European Swing Dance Championship (2011) and 1st and 2nd place last years California Balboa Classic Invitational Balboa Jack and Jill.

Mickey and Kelly have taught extensively all over the world and have been featured in newspapers and magazines like Time Out New York, The New York Sun, Good Day New York and on television programs like Good Day New York and NBC’s 1st Look.

Mickey and Kelly both help keep the love of balboa alive running balboa scenes in their respective cities Knoxville, TN and New York, NY. They also provide an extensive series of online Balboa programs through their website