• The Swing Out

    18 Lessons
    • Premium Monthly or Annual Subscription - From: $30.00 / month

    Everything Swing Out. This course is dedicated to the iconic move that gives Lindy Hop it's unique style and feel. In this course we explore variations, stylings, and dynamics that will take your swing out from good to unbelievable. If you are starting from zero or need to brush up on your basic swing out, you will want to study the Intro to Swing Course first.

  • Charleston

    25 Lessons
    • Premium Monthly or Annual Subscription - From: $30.00 / month

    The Charleston is an important part of the Swing Dancer's vocabulary. Learn the figures, transitions, and flash that will round out your rhythmical and movement vocabulary, and make you an all-around Lindy Hop aficionado. If you are heading to a Great Gatsby party anytime soon, make sure you've got the 1920's Charleston vocabulary down!