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Do you have an upcoming 1920s event or Gatsby Party? Do you want to learn to dance the Charleston online? Want to knock your friends’ socks off with your dance moves? If you’re ready to party like the 1920s in the 2020s, then the dance you’re looking for is the Charleston!

Charleston: The Dance of the 1920s

A new decade is just around the corner and people all around the world will be celebrating with freewheeling 1920s parties. Yes, the roaring twenties, or the “années folles” (‘crazy years’) as they were known in France, are being celebrated all over again. And why not!? They make for a great party theme. Think art deco, moving pictures, cocktails, flappers, hot jazz, fast cars, Great Gatsby, prohibition, bathtub gin… and lots of exuberant dancing!

The Charleston is an upbeat, carefree dance that’s inherently wild and whimsical, perfectly fitting the overriding high spirits of the roaring twenties. It can be danced alone or with a partner. It has a simple basic step that leaves a lot of freedom for improvisation, styling, and rhythm.

Charleston: Origins

The dance was originally named after the city of Charleston in South Carolina. It’s a rhythmical dance with the primary accents on the odd beats of the music. If you think about the famous Charleston song, (Charl-ston, charl-ston, da da dada Charl-ston) you’ll really notice the way the accents hit sharply at certain times in the music.

For anyone with a music background, if you count the accents in the song, within the bar of music (4 beats to the bar), those accents are on 1 and 3. If you’re a dancer who is used to counting to 8, the accents fall on 1, 3, 5, and 7. That’s where the “kicking” part of the dance hits its mark!

Speaking of “The Charleston” song, the song itself helped to popularize the dance. The song was originally from the Broadway show Runnin’ Wild and became one of the most popular hits of the 1920s.

1920s Charleston Dance Lessons | How to dance charleston?

You can learn to Charleston online just like a 1920s flapper with virtual dance lessons from world dancers, Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg! Our lessons provide moves and techniques with professional videos and the most user-friendly online dance instruction available.

Learn Charleston online at your own pace from the comfort of home. There is absolutely no experience required to get started. Rewind or review material as often as you like or cram through several lessons to get dancing quickly and hit the dance floor with confidence!

Learning to dance the Charleston has never been easier!

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