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Texas Tommy Challenge (Level 1 – 5)

Author: Aldo - Online Swing dance classes - Texas Tommy with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

Texas Tommy is also called 'Apache' or 'Hand Shake Behind the Back.' We ultimately don't care what you call it. We predominantly use the name Texas Tommy because if pays homage to the fact that the orginal Texas Tommy dance came out of San Francisco, California and traveled to New York City via two visiting dancers during the early Jazz era. In good lindy hop tradition, the key element of the dance was then borrowed/stolen for Lindy Hop. Now we have a ton of variations based on the original concept. The most important thing is that ithe way it looks is different than how it feels. That illusion is part of the magic, but also part of the danger. It's too easy to make this a painful move so focus on the friendly/soft technique from the beginning to really make this move work on the social floor.

One Swing Out One World (Level 3)

Author: Aldo - Online Swing dance classes - Lindy Hop Swing Out Training with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

The global phenomenon of Lindy Hop means that there are lots of style and technique variations of the Swing Out. Our experiences of dancing and teaching in over 30 countries we have helped us understand the major variations and how to make them compatible with each other. We believe that lindy hop is one dance that can be shared by everyone regarless of your style choices or regional variations. Let's all dance together because we all live in the same world.

Overrotated Swing Outs (Level 3)

Author: Aldo - Online Swing dance classes - Lindy Hop Swing Out Training with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

These are super fun. Once you've mastered each variation you can mix and match them fluidly. In modern times Swing Outs are usually taught as a 360 degree rotation, but traditionally a Swing Out could be underrotated or over rotated depending on the tempo, space on the dance flloor or dynamics with your partner. If you plan to perform or compete, mastering these techniques can be super helpful.

Swing Out Challenge (Level 4)

Author: Aldo - Lindy Hop Swing out training with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

This is were we push the boundries of a traditional Swing Out. We use the basic shape of a Swing Out, but then vary the counts and the rythms to create new variations. We hope you will take these concepts and create your own.

Followers Swing Out Styling Challenge (Level 4)

Author: Aldo - Online Swing Dance training with Kevin & Jo

Jo breaks down some sweet variations for followers to use during Swing Outs. It's important to practice the movement solo initially before attempting with a partner. Once you have a willing Leader, ask them to lead short sequences of just Swing Outs so you can really burn into muscle memory each variation.

8 Count Lindy Figures (Level 1) Part 1

Author: Aldo - Online Swing dance classes - Lindy Hop 8 count moves with Kevin St Laurent & Jo Hoffberg

The core eight count movements of Lindy Hop. Don't worry if your technique is not perfect. Memorizing figures is an important step in the learning process of any dance form.